Three Roof Issues Commonly Found at Home Inspections

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As a home inspector I climb on roofs quite often. As part of the whole house inspection I inspect the roof from the exterior and from within the attic. There are certain issues that are commonly found during my inspection of roofs.

One of the most common issues I find on a roof is missing or damaged shingles. Wind damage being the most common cause of missing or bent over and cracked shingles. Here in Ohio there are quite a few farm fields and the wind has little to block it. When I see shingles that have a crack running horizontally across it just under where is meets the shingle above I know it is wand damage. Unless of course someone is climbing up and folding up a few shingles just for fun, doubtful.

The other issue I see often is that the rubber boot flashing are damaged. The rubber boot flashing is the specially designed metal and rubber piece that is designed to fit around the plumbing vents that penetrate through the roof. Many times the rubber that creates the water proof seal around the plumbing pipe is cracked or damaged. These cracks and tears can be large allowing lots of rain to enter the interior portion of the home. They can also be large enough to let birds in to the attic to nest.

Lack of a gap between the shingles and siding is another issue that I find frequently. With the roof designs in which a roof butts up against an exterior wall there should be a gap between the siding and the shingles. The lack of a an inch or so makes it difficult to install an additional layer of shingles. This is because there is not enough space remaining between the siding and shingles to allow the thickness of additional shingles. If the siding is wood then it is a larger issue because the wooden siding will have an easier time wicking of water form the shingles that are in contact. This increases the chance for rot and deterioration.

There were the three of the most common issue I find as I conduct home inspections in the Columbus Ohio area. There are others issues of course, often with the quality of the work done especially with the chimney flashings. If you are need of having an unbiased and not a “motivated to sell you a new roof inspection” of your roof contact Habitation Investigation LLC for a roof inspection. If you know you need new roofing or repairs search for Columbus Ohio Roofing on the internet.


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